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Brinkmann Masterbuilt and Cookshack Smoker Comparison

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Convert Electric Smoker to Gas?

I've got a Brinkmann electric smoker with a broken heating element. I bought it for cheap at a garage sale and I thought that I would turn it into a gas smoker rather than electric. Is there an easy/cheap way to do it? I saw some suggestions online but nothing clear cut. Would I need to have a bunch of vents or would I be able to control the heat well enough with the regulator hose? Thanks

I wouldn't recommend it you would have to purchas a gas burner, and hoze, etc, and that smoker was never designed for the heat, at best, it might overheat... at worst, it could cause a fire. you can get an electric hot plate for about $10 that you can install in place of the broken element, just put a metal pie plate on top with your damp wood, and it should work as good as new.

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